About Us

We are a group of college students from GMIT who are creating an app that will be useful in a busy home. The app will incorporate many different features that will demonstrate our skills as developers.

Our Team

  • Ossian Moore
  • Dillon O Callaghan
  • Conor Cunniffe
  • Dylan Keane

Overview Of The App

Our app idea revolves around trying to make household planning and organizing easier, quicker and less hassle. Bills, shopping lists & household tasks are something we all must do. Whether it be in a family home, shared house, or student accommodation, things can easily be forgotten or miscommunicated in relation to household tasks. Our App intends to provide a structure and platform in which members of a household can all contribute in real time. This includes:

  • Due date of bills – notifications to each member of household for what bill is due, when it is due & the cost.
  • Shopping list - list of items needed for the household. Members can add, update or confirm they have purchased an item. With a log system, all members can see when an item has been obtained from the list, with the timestamp and name of the user who performed the task.

  • To-do List – Much like the shopping list, users will be able to add, remove and update any items on the list with logging active in order to track who has entered or completed a task.

  • Forum – Where members of a household can have a common space to share messages, photos and any other relevant data amongst their group.

  • Secure login – Login by signing up with email and password, with Facebook & with Google.

  • Multiple houses for members - e.g. Parents house / Student accommodation

  • Shared Calendar – A collaborative calendar specific to your household, where you can add events, birthdays and other date specific activities.