Unique Features

Our app idea revolves around trying to make household planning and organizing easier, quicker and less hassle. Bills, shopping lists & household tasks are something we all must do. Whether it be in a family home, shared house, or student accommodation, things can easily be forgotten or miscommunicated in relation to household tasks. Our App intends to provide a structure and platform in which members of a household can all contribute in real time.


Shared Calander

Keeping up with important dates can be difficult. With our app you can keep up to date with any recurring bills and notify you a week in advance.


Shopping/To-do List

Simply create shopping and to-do lists that can be seen by all members of your house hold.



We will have a racing game that can be played within our app. The game will be a 3D Unity designed game.

Promotional Video

Featured Screens

More photos to come!

Suitable Pricing Plans

We plan to employ the freemium strategy of creating revenue whilst having various other sources of income like advertising and investments from internal/external investors (i.e. Enterprise Ireland and the IDA) to cover any expenses we may encounter along the life-time of our application with the goal being to turn our start-up into a profitable and functional business.